Sunday, December 28, 2008

Levi’s® Vintage 1947 501 Rig Jean

Hailed as the definitive five-pocket jean, the 1947 version is the quintessential 501® jean.

They were in short supply during the war, when several key features were removed to save metal and fabric, by 1947 the new 501® jean was in huge demand.
Whilst the Arcuate and original Levis® zinc buttons were back, the crotch rivet, cinch-back and suspender buttons were gone for good. Belt loops and concealed copper rivets became standard.

The denim is XUVS Cone fabric 14oz washed red selvage denim that is ring ring, pure indigo, 3x1 RHT construction.

The jean only has belt hoops as a method of waist adjustment; there are also hidden rivets on back pockets, the Two Horse® leather patch and single sided big ‘E’ red tab are also featured.

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