Sunday, December 28, 2008

Levi’s® Vintage 1937 501 Rig Jean

This iconic 1937 501® jeans was the first pair of waist overalls with concealed rivets on the back pockets, the rivets were concealed when consumers wrote in complaining that the exposed rivets scratched saddles and furniture.

While the suspender buttons were gone for good, the 1937 501® still features a cinch-back, in addition to belt loops and a button fly.

Featuring the new Levis® capital ‘E’ red Tab introduced in 1936, the overalls also had a real leather Two Horse® patch and hand applied rivets.

The denim is XX20 Cone fabric, 12.50oz red selvage denim that is ring ring, pure indigo, 3x1 RHT construction.

This jean is a loose fit with plenty of anti-fit in the seat area.

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