Sunday, December 28, 2008

Levis® Vintage 1931 501 Washed Jean

These limited edition Levis® 1933 XX 501 jeans are made from 14oz selvedge denim. The style is comfort fit with a regular waist, straight leg and button fly.

These 1933 XX 501 jeans are green caste with whisker fading on the top block and a scraping pattern so they look worn in by you. With suspender buttons, cinch back, leather patch, stitched Arcuate on the back pockets and replica government issued ‘tear away’ sticker, they are a true throwback to the thirties.

Levi's® Vintage Knappave 1880'S Celebration Pack

This is the Knappave 1880'S Celebration Pack from Levis® Vintage Clothing.

Levi’s® Vintage 1947 501 Rig Jean

Hailed as the definitive five-pocket jean, the 1947 version is the quintessential 501® jean.

They were in short supply during the war, when several key features were removed to save metal and fabric, by 1947 the new 501® jean was in huge demand.
Whilst the Arcuate and original Levis® zinc buttons were back, the crotch rivet, cinch-back and suspender buttons were gone for good. Belt loops and concealed copper rivets became standard.

The denim is XUVS Cone fabric 14oz washed red selvage denim that is ring ring, pure indigo, 3x1 RHT construction.

The jean only has belt hoops as a method of waist adjustment; there are also hidden rivets on back pockets, the Two Horse® leather patch and single sided big ‘E’ red tab are also featured.

Levi’s® Vintage 1967 505 Rig Jean

In 1967 Levis® launched their first Levis® Red Tab® heavy denim jeans.

This slim, zip fly style was quickly adopted by students on both coasts of the USA. They were the first pre-shrunk denim jeans made by the Levis® brand, they have a slimmer styling in keeping with 60's tastes which remains popular to this day.
The 1967 version maintains a copper waistband button and the two-sided capital ‘E’ red Tab.

This season the 505® has been slimmed down further through handcrafted customization.

The Jean is manufactured from Kaihara Japanese 14.5oz pre-shrunk red selvage denim and features the Leather-like Two Horse® patch.

Levi's® Vintage 1955 Scratch Jeans

The 1955 Levi's® Scratch 501 jeans have a quintessential '50s shape: with more anti-fit in the seat area and a slightly fuller leg shape, they have a boxier silhouette.

They are the first 501 jeans to bear a Two Horse leather-like label . The familiar Levi's® big 'E' red tab, zinc button fly and copper rivets remain standard issue. The 'Scratch' wash is a mid-indgo tone with a slightly worn effect and subtle scratch detailing.

Levis® Vintage 1933 501 Riders Run Jeans

These limited edition 1933 Levis® 501 Riders Run jeans are made from 14oz red selvedge denim. The style is comfort fit with a regular waist, straight leg and button fly.

The 1933 501 jean comes with whisker fading on the top block and a scraping pattern so they look worn by you. With suspender buttons, cinch back and the original National Recovery Administration 'Blue Eagle' patch on the back, they are a true throwback to the thirties.

Levi’s® Vintage 1937 501 Rig Jean

This iconic 1937 501® jeans was the first pair of waist overalls with concealed rivets on the back pockets, the rivets were concealed when consumers wrote in complaining that the exposed rivets scratched saddles and furniture.

While the suspender buttons were gone for good, the 1937 501® still features a cinch-back, in addition to belt loops and a button fly.

Featuring the new Levis® capital ‘E’ red Tab introduced in 1936, the overalls also had a real leather Two Horse® patch and hand applied rivets.

The denim is XX20 Cone fabric, 12.50oz red selvage denim that is ring ring, pure indigo, 3x1 RHT construction.

This jean is a loose fit with plenty of anti-fit in the seat area.

Levis® Vintage XX First Blue Rigid Jeans

The XX, the oldest pair of Levi’s 501 jeans known, dates back to the 19th century an still lives in a fireproof vault in the Levi Strauss and co archives in San Francisco. Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis created the first blue jean in 1873. The XX was a pair of ”waist overalls”- the clothing you wore over your street clothes while you worked in the mines, the lumber mills or the railroad, or spent your day on a horse. It’s copper-riveted durability was so new and so unique that newspapers and customers couldn’t stop talking about it. “Made and cut in the style of the best custom made pants”, was a typical comment.

It would be another 10 years before this granddaddy would get it’s famous 501 lot number, but it has everything you’d expect to find in this earliest version of your favourite jeans: natural 9 ounce denim, the equally soft leather patch (but without the Two Horse logo which didn’t come along until 1886), bright copper rivets, a cinch-back, four pockets and LS&Co. branded shank buttons.

Levis® Red Rigid Boxy Straight Jean

These jeans are great example of the exclusive Levi’s Red triumph of denim design vs. designer denim.

They are a straight leg jean with messy, unfinished stitch detail that features throughout the AW08 collection and patented rivets set in suede for extra strength. This style features the traditional 2 front pockets and with an extra pocket on the right near the waistband. An adjustable D-Ring belt can be detached by a button hole either side of the hip. There are two seams on both the front and back of the leg to give an unusual panel effect and a cinch back for shape. The waist is oversized and the leg slim.

Levis® Vintage 1911 333 Jean

Levi’s heavily washed 1911 333 jean is from the brand’s 333 range. This style is made from distinctive and quality indigo denim with one thread colour. Features include copper rivets at stress points, cinch-back detail, grass-green printed linen branding patch and enamelled donut buttons. This is a very basic garment, both in construction and look, but with a winning simplicity.

Levis® Red Rigid Parsnip Jeans

Levi’s Red continues the avant-garde expression of pure Levi’s denim design with these straight cut rigid jeans with adjustable ankle detail.

This rigid denim style features ‘unfinished’ stitch detail, oversized belt loops, square cut pockets and patented copper rivets at the stress points with a suede washer for extra strength. This style has an oversized waist with a slim leg.